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Bottle Size: 12.3oz

Pack Size: 6 Bottles

Shelf Life: 150 Days

Certifications: NOP Organic, Kosher, Certified R.A.W

UPC: 707568744642

Ingredients: Yuzu, Yerba Mate, Ginger, Ginseng, Chaga, Coconut Nectar, Probiotic


This complex, citrus and herb blend is nothing short of a balancing act. We take the floral, zesty juice of Japanese Yuzu and combine it with the pungent, woodsy flavors of cold-steeped Yerba Mate and Ginseng. WE then gently spice them with Peruvian Ginger and lightly sweeten with Thailand-grown Coconut Nectar. This is what innovation tastes like.

Best consumed in the Morning to Midday

Nutrition Facts

50% | Calories 90 | Sugar 6g | Protein 0g | Vitamin C 90% | Iron 0% | Calcium 0% | Magnesium 0% | Potassium 2% | Vitamin D 0%

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